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At More Green Solar we are passionate about the environment and the future of our planet; and we know that you are too. Our goal as Eastern Suburbs’ leading green solar panels company is to help families and businesses achieve sustainable green premises that harness the sun’s natural energy through the use of photovoltaic engineering combined with the latest energy-saving solutions.

We wholeheartedly believe that containing our carbon footprint is a responsibility not a choice. And with the negative effects of Global Warming impacting the planet, and the cost of electricity going up exponentially year after year, solar energy is the gift that keeps on giving. So call us today for a no-obligation quote. With excellent government rebates and incentives available, there has never been a better opportunity to help both the planet, and your back pocket!

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Our photovoltaic or solar panel systems are among the greenest sources of clean energy. They work by converting light from the sun into electricity you can use to power up your Eastern Suburbs home or company premises. Sunlight is a renewable energy source, which means it’s a viable power source that you can use for the long term without causing harm to the environment.



Choosing to power your Eastern Suburbs home with solar energy is a smart move!

When you go solar, you not only save yourself from rising electricity prices rising but also get to do the right thing for the environment.

And, with More Green Solar as your partner, you’re assured of access to top-of-the-line solar power equipment and the expertise of our responsive designers and technicians.

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More Green Solar also works with Eastern Suburbs businesses whose goal is energy independence through the use of solar photovoltaic with battery storage. By efficiently harnessing solar energy, you not only reduce your overheads but also help save the environment since you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

We can also help you utilise any type of available space, such as the roof or vacant land, and transform it into a low-maintenance revenue generator.

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Hybrid Battery Systems

A hybrid battery system ensures a continuous supply of electricity to your house or business by automatically switching on during grid outages.

You can also store surplus electricity produced by your PV panels and utilise it at night or during outages.

It works to complement your solar power system to ensure you receive a continuous supply of power day and night.


EV Car Chargers

More and more people are using electric vehicles, which is why EV chargers have become part and parcel of some Australian homes, including those in the Eastern Suburbs.

So if you need an EV charger installed at home, More Green Solar can help. We have expert electricians with extensive experience in installing EV car chargers, among other things. EV owners enjoy the benefit of home-charging, which can be done while you are sleeping.