EV Car Chargers Eastern Suburbs

A lot of eco-conscious individuals are turning to electric vehicles as their main mode of transportation. Unlike petrol-dependent vehicles, EV owners can enjoy the benefit of home-charging with our EV car chargers, which can be done while you are sleeping.

However, according to experts, installing a new EV car charger at your Eastern Suburbs residence is no small matter. This is why it’s important to have an experienced expert electrician on board to take charge of the task and ensure all the factors you need to consider are addressed when it comes to using EV car chargers at home.

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EV Car Chargers Require a Dedicated Cable.

No other appliances should be utilising the cable connecting the charging station to the fuse box. The EV charger cable must be exclusively used for car charging. It doesn’t matter if it’s your lights, fridge, or some other general appliance; the EV car charger cable is not for general use.

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The Right Type of Cable is Necessary for the EV Charging Load.

You need to have the right EV cable length and ensure you have the right type of cable to go with your EV. When the cable is too thin, it can get hot quickly, thereby posing a fire hazard. Different charging currents also require specific cable specs. If the charging current, for example, is set at 16 A or above, the minimum cross-section area of the cable should be 2.5 sq. mm. or more, which means the vehicle could be charged with a charging power of 11 to 22 kilowatts.

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EVs Require a Residual Current Device (RCD) for Safety Reasons.

A residual current device (RCD) balances the electric current in the wires going to and from the appliance in the EV. This is meant to prevent electric shocks.
Sometimes, the RCD can get triggered and break the circuit. This happens when the currents are out of balance, so residual current starts to flow through the car or the driver and into the floor. To prevent this unfortunate scenario from happening, every charging station requires a dedicated RCD when it is not readily integrated into the charging station.

EV Car Chargers By More Green Solar

EV car charger installation can only be done right with the help of a qualified electrician. This is especially important if you’re after bigger solar battery capacities and fast charging speeds.

To ensure your EV car charger requirements are met, get in touch with More Green Solar today.