Hybrid Battery Systems Eastern Suburbs

Get the best of both worlds by taking advantage of the many benefits provided by a hybrid battery system. It works to complement your solar power system to ensure your Eastern Suburbs home receives a continuous supply of power day and night.

Hybrid Battery Systems Explained

Hybrid battery systems in the Eastern Suburbs (or elsewhere) generate power in the same manner that a common grid-tie solar system does. However, the former uses special hybrid inverters and batteries to store energy for future use. This energy storage ability gives most hybrid systems the capability to also operate as a backup power supply, similar to the way a UPS system works during blackouts.

Battery-ready systems utilise hybrid inverters. Most modern hybrid inverters have a built-in battery charger and connection, which makes adding a battery in the future easier and more convenient. However, hybrid inverters tend to be pricey. Also, if the batteries aren’t included during the installation process, sourcing compatible batteries could get difficult after a few years.

To ensure you don’t encounter this problem, don’t wait too long — add the battery within two years. Or, you can just decide to invest in a solar hybrid system (i.e. with a battery) that not only stores excess solar energy but can also provide backup power to your premises in case a blackout takes place.

Hybrid battery systems also provide the following advantages:


You can store excess or low-cost (off-peak) solar-sourced electricity. You can then use this energy during power outages or similar incidents when you have no access to electricity.


You can use stored solar energy during peak evening times. It enables you to use it when you're home in the evening — when the cost of electricity is typically at its highest. This translates into significant power bill savings.


You can significantly reduce your dependence on and your power consumption from the grid. Since you have your own backup power supply, you will no longer be at the mercy of the grid and can reasonably expect a steady, reliable energy resource.


You can implement advanced energy management practices. Having your own power supply, solar-sourced or otherwise, comes with a set of responsibilities, especially if you use it for commercial purposes. This means you’ll be implementing your own energy management practices in your own organisation or business to achieve the desired efficiency.

If you have an existing solar panel system, you can still enjoy the same benefits by retrofitting it with batteries.

If you’re thinking of getting your own hybrid battery system in the Eastern Suburbs, please contact More Green Solar. We’re always ready to help.